Welcome to the rmcgirr83.org's minichat client at sourceforge.net !
(screen capture)
rmcgirr83.org released an addon for phpBB for having a chatbox somewhere in a forum. Even, maybe especialy, if it is not YOUR forum, you'll be bored about the eye-candy html/ajax interface because it's a pain in the ass because the sound isn't configurable, it does not alert you when someone say your name, or even when you're trying to have a look into the backlog to see what people said just two minuts ago.

But most important point, conversation is data, and data need to be freely used. Pipe it, do what you want with !
Or maybe you could want to display it on a alphanumeric 2-lines screen over your 1-Wire network ?

This project isn't finished at all, but the core part is already working. It can log-in into the phpBB forum you want, memorize the sessions cookies, and parse some of the html output.

Maybe later, we'll able to make a IRC or Jabber gateway.

By the way,
We need help, and
And we hope the server responses will not be changed too often.

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